Micro Car Museum

Stan and I just returned from vacation to St. Simon's Island in Georgia (more coming soon). We never take highways on vacations. In fact, we make a point to take the most interesting, meandering route we can find. We call it bimbling.
     On our drive down, we went through Madison, Georgia and stumbled across the most amazing find - the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum. It's full of beautifully restored tiny cars. I had no idea these things even existed, did you? One would be enough of a thrill - but this place was stocked full of them.

     Some looked like UFOs...

     Some looked like submarines...

     Some I just wanted to take home. I mean, how ADORABLE are these??!!!!

     So if you should find yourself in Madison, Georgia, I highly recommend you stop by. Or make a trip of it. It's VERY kid-friendly and you'll love it too!
     If you can't make it to Madison, they offer a virtual tour on their website. Or check out Bill Geist's coverage of the museum:

Here's some good coverage by the History Channel:

(There are lots more videos to get a good idea of the place - check it out!)


BrettAdamsGa said...

Awesome post, I live in Madison, yet have never been to the microcar museum, even though I have heard it to be such a great place. I actually learned a bit about the cars while reading your post as well. Thanks again.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You gotta go see it Brett! It's really overwhelmingly awesome. :)