Chateau Morisette

It's been four years since we visited Chateau Morisette, way up past Flloyd and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. It seemed fitting Stan was here to join in once again! Actually, it ended up being a mix of students and faculty this time—MJ, me, Karen, Lisa, Kate, Sage, Carmel, Tina, (front) Ashley, and Amanda. (Stan is behind the camera.)
We had a lovely brunch/lunch.
I just loved the flowers on the table - look at all those subtle colors!
They came from the winery's garden... where they have herbs that we ran our hands all over turning us into walking perfumeries.
We wandered the grounds of the winery enjoying the views.
On the way back down the mountain back to Roanoke, we saw a fox, turkeys, and a ton of deer with their wee babies - so cute! And we stopped for more breathtaking views. See why they call it the Smokey Mountains? And isn't it any wonder why so many Scottish settlers ended up in Appalachia?
What a nice day out with friends!

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Tina L. Hanlon said...

Thanks for the photos. It was wonderful enjoying that outing with you and the other Hollins lovelies. Spending those hours just looking at the Blue Ridge Parkway scenery will enable me to compare and contrast better when I get to Sweden, Finland, and Norway next week.