Friday Links List and Illustrators' Treehouse News (New!)

From BBC Sounds: The Golden Age of Children's Book Illustrators

From SLJ's 100 Scope Notes: Top 20 Books of 2019: The Full List


From The New York Times: The Caldecott Medal Needs an International Makeover by Leonard S. Marcus

From PW: Children's Book Sales Up During Busy Holiday Weekend also The Further Adventures of Jessica Love's 'Julián' and Children's Starred Reviews 2019

From SLJ: 20 2020 YA Books To Have On Your Radar

From Brightly: Heartwarming Kids’ Books That Celebrate Adoption

From The Richest: The 10 Richest Children's Authors Of All Time, Ranked By Net Worth

From Nathan Bransford: The 8 essential elements of a story

From SLJ: David Bowles on Writing for Border Kids in the Age of Trump

From The New York Times: There Is a Right Way to Teach Reading, and Mississippi Knows It and Book Review: Holiday Books

From Hornbook: Hornbook's Choices for the Best Books of the Year

From Myth and Moor: On Hans Christian Andersen

From CommArts: The Secret Lives of Animals book: While a seemingly cute book about animals, The Secret Lives of Animals reveals the truth about animal cruelty in an eye-opening way. You'll never look at children's books the same way again.

From Amazon: Picture Book: Die Hard Christmas OMG.

From Brightly: Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens

From PW: Children's Authors on Their Happy Surprises - very sweet stories!

From CHLA: June Cummins Diversity Conference Travel Grant

From Brightly: Books That Introduce Children to Different Holiday Cultures and Traditions

From Nathan Bransford: Give the gift of writing! (Sorry the link didn't work last week!)

From SCBWI-BI: "Pictures at Play" exhibition artwork, shown at the Westminster Library, London

From The European Illustrators Forum: Call for Entries World Illustration Awards 2020

From The Bookseller: Mackesy’s illustrated début is indies’ lead Christmas hit

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From Muddy Colors: HOW CRAVING ATTENTION MAKES YOU LESS CREATIVE and CORNWELL, ROCKWELL, AND DUNN and The Illustrator in America 1860-2000

From The NY Times: Mythical Beings May Be Earliest Imaginative Cave Art by Humans

From The Art Room Plant: Alexis Deacon

From The Arts Council of York County: The 2019 York County High School Art Show Awards (VIDEO)

From 21Draw: New Book, CHARACTER DESIGNER (Kickstarter funded, now available for order)

From The New York Times: The 2019 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books

From Photographer Ken Rockwell: Toning Black-and-White Images

From The Guardian: The best graphic novels of 2019

From Irrwisch: Cool Concert Poster Art by a fellow graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Alex Trinkle

From SLJ: Top 10 Manga | 2019

From Sidebar Forever: