Jane's House

From the train station we took a taxi into St. Andrews proper and Jane Yolen's house. Jane is one of our best and most beloved writers for children and happily, she spends about four months out of the year in St. Andrews in this lovely home.
The house is called "Wayside" and was the first one built by renowned Scottish architect (Sir) Robert Stodart Lorimer in 1902. Jane and her husband ended up in St. Andrews for sabbatical and never left.
And truly, I wouldn't have either. The house is divided into two halves. Jane lives in the side that used to have the public rooms (the left half in the photo above) - like the main salon.
With its amazing two story, curved window.
Stained glass is everywhere. My favorite was in the kitchen.
David and Jane knew the house was for them when they saw the owl in the lower right hand corner of the window - for Jane's Caldecott-winning OWL MOON.
As you might expect, Jane's house is full of writing/reading spots and treasures, like this mantel with the quote...
And the inlaid ensignia of Mary Queen of Scots - the Fleur-de-lis with a thistle.
It's a nice segue to the garden outside.
Which also has spots to enjoy a good sit...
Or just contemplate life...

It's a beautiful home properly befitting a beautiful writer. I was thrilled to see it.
     From there, we walked into St. Andrews...

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