The Key Themes of Advertising

I was looking through my MFA notes recently. It's surprising how often I do that, actually. They have become valuable tools to me. I was looking for something else, but came across some notes from when an Art Representative, Nicki Field from Jelly London came to talk to us at the Uni. She quickly ran down the main themes most advertising falls into, as if it was no big thing and so obvious. My jaw hit the floor. Did everybody in the room realize what she had just provided? It was a list of what your portfolio should have in it if you want to pursue advertising illustration. I asked her to repeat it, and I'm sharing it here both for you, and so that I can find this more easily when I refer to it again (which I've already done many times when talking to other illustrators). They are:
Hair & Beauty
That's it! If you're a student, wondering what to include in your portfolio in the hopes of getting work or a job, here it is!

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