Illustration Friday, Theme: Broken

This is an illustration from "The Big Blue Oops" - another of my projects along the way that never saw the light of day.

Illustration Friday, Theme: Remote

Missed last week because of the move. This is an illustration for a chapter book I have with my agent right now, "A Bird On Water Street." Definitely the feeling of remoteness.

Well, we're IN!!

We are in our new home!! Man, moving is not fun. No way around it. But it went smoothly enough if you take into account little sleep and beat up bodies. We had to buy mostly new furniture as everything else was completely worn out/eaten by dogs/50 years old. That's been fun. Every time the doorbell rings, it's like Christmas. So, we're pulling it together and our new home is turning out to be Very comfortable. It flows well. The neighbors have already been super nice. And there's a walking trail just outside the neighborhood that leads to the track of our local middle school - fantastic. So glad to be here and starting to settle in. :)

Illustration Friday, Theme: Lost

Again with an image from "Teacup" - although this one didn't make it into the final dummy. I've always loved ths image though. He is so small and alone. Yes, there are cows, but they're big and dumb. Ahh, but somebody is watching - keeping an eye out for our little fuzzy hero . . . hm. Makum me happy.

Martini Flats

Well, hubbie has a blog again. I get to peek into his brain another way now:, named for our new house. As with our current home, "Moonshine Lodge," the new house also has an alcoholic theme. The plan is to get a flag with a martini on it - if it's waving, come on by for cocktail hour. :)