12 Days of Christmas in Georgia still bringing smiles!

A friend recently sent me a lovely heads up. My book, The 12 Days of Christmas in Georgia (written by Susan Rosson Spain) was on display at The Ball of Georgia for the holiday. So nice to see that the book is still going strong in my home state!

Teacup! Shhhhhh.....

Look what just arrived! It's my latest picture book, Teacup! Woohoo!!!
But wait, who is Bae Broughton? Well, that's why I say, "shhhhh!" Broughton is the street we lived on in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is now my pseudonym too. Why the secrecy? Well, Teacup was one of the first picture books I ever created - over twenty years ago. The artwork was done, but the story was never quite right. It took me all this time to get the story right (hope you agree!). But the artwork looks very different from who I am now as a creator. Hence, the pseudonym. It doesn't keep me from being proud and excited though! I do hope you'll check out Teacup for all the tiny adventurers in your life. Here's the write-up:
A tiny doggie gets lost in a big world. Little ones will relate to a little pup who just wants to explore. When Teacup jumps away from her owner, she's faced with a great big world that's a little bit scary. New friends are not far away and Teacup discovers that even a little dog can have a big adventure. Bright and bold illustrations are sure to captivate both kids and parents alike. For lovers of tiny dogs, big dreams, and fun stories, Teacup is a treat.
Click on the images to purchase the printed book from your local independent bookseller; or purchase a digital copy of the book through EpicReads.com!

Just Thinking - December

What if we reframed the idea of "Fair and Balanced" reporting? Right now, the definition of "Fair and Balanced" is representing opposing viewpoints. What if, instead, it meant to represent the positive and negative viewpoints? How might that change things?

Have you seen the New York Times The 25 Best Children’s Books of 2021 list? Pretty cool. And I see some friends there - love that!

I love this interview with the current Children's Literature Laureate Jason Reynolds on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The comments are lovely too. Click the image to watch on Youtube:

So glad to hear that Reading Rainbow is coming back!

Happy to hear my friend, Dr. Elisa Koehler, interviewed on the radio recently about her role as Conductor for the Rock Hill Symphony Christmas Concert!

This song by my TEDx Talk coach, Mel Sherwood, is worth a listen: Be More RED!

How Exciting! El Deafo by Cece Bell is being made into an animated feature! CHECK IT OUT at 100 Scope Notes!

Tons of Best Children's Books of the Year lists are coming out - here's one from The Guardian; here's another from Brightly - great stuff!

Story Walk, Chapel Hill

Too funny! I just found out from a fan that one of my books, Crow Not Crow (written by Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple), is featured in the "Story Walk" at Umstead Park in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I had no idea!

Nations United for Sustainable Development

I was talking with our Head of Sustainability, Chris Johnson, the other day at Winthrop University, trying to come up with project ideas for my illustration students that could move beyond entertainment and into the areas of sustainability. He turned me on to the "7 Sustainable Development Goals" set forth by the United Nations. This needs to be spread more widely. Have you seen it? Talk about Thinking Differently - we need this! Click the image below to visit the website and watch this powerful video.

$75 Million Gift for Hollins University!

This is such amazing news! HOLLINS UNIVERSITY ANNOUNCES LARGEST DONATION EVER FOR A WOMEN’S COLLEGE! This is the university where I teach in the MFA in Children's Book Writing and Illustrating program every summer. I am thrilled beyond belief for our wonderful university! Thank you, thank you to whoever you are who made this amazing donation. We will be able to serve so many more amazing women (future leaders) as a result of this generous gift!

Coloring Page - Ms. Klaus

I know that Santa gets all the attention; but as the saying goes, behind every great man, is a great woman. Indeed!
CLICK HERE for more Christmas-themed coloring pages
     Remember, I create my coloring pages to draw your attention to my books! Especially... THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN GEORGIA! Click the cover to learn about this state-themed picture book, now available as a board book too! Makes a GREAT teacher gift!
     Don't live in Georgia? Check with your local bookseller - Sterling has a version for each state.

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I recently participated in a fun little challenge from "Make Art That Sells" to create a collection of Teacups. I rather liked how they turned out, so I'm making them available on items like notebooks, cards, t-shirts, pillows, etc. at Redbubble. Maybe one would make a good gift for a friend? Click on an image to access them in my store. I hope you enjoy them!

Hollins University in the News

There was an interesting article in NPR about trans students at Women's Colleges. The story focused on Hollins University where I teach every summer. The post-graduate courses I teach in are co-ed, but only for the summer. During Fall and Spring, Hollins is a women's college. I have a large number of trans students that I work with at Winthrop U, and I'd never want any of them to feel excluded. However, I also recognize the value of a safe place to study higher education without patriarchal practices and pressures. I wonder what you think about the topic? READ THE ARTICLE HERE and leave your thoughts in the comments. LET'S DISCUSS!