Illustration Friday: Sticky

What a sticky mess!! This is an illustration for "Haley and the Big Blast" (Foundation for Girls, Inc, Fall 2006).
To see a larger version, click HERE.

Illustration Friday: Dance

Another image from THE PRINCE'S DIARY, where Prince Stephen is cornered by the step-sisters. Can you see the mice hanging in the chandelier?

Bonus week again. Click HERE to download the image below for coloring:

Illustration Friday: Jungle

This was one of my last pieces while still working with "traditional" media - markers and colored pencils on matt board. It was an illustration for my story "Gonzago's Green Thumb."

Illustration Friday: Portrait

Well this is a journey to the past for me. I did this self portrait in . . . college I think. We're talking a l-o-n-g time ago. I never claimed to be a painter, so this is certainly not proficient in that sense. And scanned in, I see some proportion flaws. But to this day, I still feel like this looks like me (even now) more than any other attempt I ever made in my life (except for my bud monster maybe - upper right corner). I just think that's kinda funny.