Teaching at John C. Campbell Folk School

This weekend. I'm about to leave actually. I've got to set up my classroom and familiarize myself with campus. John C. Campbell is a great place, kind of like camp for adults. I'm teaching "beginning drawing" this weekend. Then I teach a week long class in "intermediate drawing" in November. This will be a nice segue, and two of my friends have signed up - so it should be a lot of fun.

Illustration Friday, Theme: Dreams

Well, pooie. "DreamBoat" would have been perfect for this week's theme. But I think this one fits too. Gotta wonder, is the little one awake? Sleepcrawling? Hmm.

Illustration Friday, Theme: Reflection

Well, reflection can either be something reflected on a mirrored surface, or the process of thinking back on things. I think this covers both.

illustration Friday, Theme: Wisdom

Well, she may be more appropriate at Halloween, but she fits this week's theme! Actually created her in stages over about ten years. Pencil sketch sat in a box for most of those years. I applied color about three years ago, mostly with colored pencil. Hm. Maybe I'll take her into digital next . . .

FAITHLESS - OT from kids books!

     So, this is Completely off topic from children's publishing, but a good friend of mine, Karin Slaughter, has a new book coming out, FAITHLESS.Karin Slaughter (perfect name) is the mystery (gory) crime author giving Patricia Cornwall a run for her money (I think she's better). She just hit #2 on the London Times Best Seller List, and has gained quite the following in the USA.
     FAITHLESSis the latest book in her “Grant County” series. I had the good fortune to read the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). Without giving anything away, I will tell you it kept me tense, guessing and even more curious about her complex characters, especially the tormented cop, Lena.
     As with her entire series, BLINDSIGHTED,KISSCUT,A FAINT COLD FEAR,INDELIBLE,and now FAITHLESS,start reading early on a day when you have nothing to do, it's light out, and you're not alone. I made the mistake of reading her first book, BLINDSIGHTED,when Stan was out of town. There I was at 11:00 at night, it was dark out, I couldn't put the book down until I finished reading it, and then . . . I couldn't move.
     FAITHLESSalso wouldn’t let me go, although I had the good sense to make sure Stan was around this time. I love a book that you know will hold you until it’s finished - it’s like a mini (gory) vacation. Ha!
     I highly recommend Karin’s books if you are looking for something good to read waaay outside the children’s book genre.

Illustration Friday, Theme: Empty

I actually drew this a Long time ago when I was first starting on this journey of children's books. His name is Yamy.