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Coloring Page Tuesday - Amelia Bearhart

All this flying over water has reminded me that, as a kid, I loved the mystery of Amelia Earhart. Not only was it about flying (which I wanted to do), it was a brave woman who supposedly disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle! (According to one theory.) My mystery-loving mind was captured! CLICK HERE for more coloring pages.
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     I create my coloring pages to draw your attention to my books! For instance...
my debut novel, A BIRD ON WATER STREET - winner of over a dozen literary awards, including Georgia Author of the Year. Click the cover to learn more!
     When the birds return to Water Street, will anyone be left to hear them sing? A miner's strike allows green and growing things to return to the Red Hills, but that same strike may force residents to seek new homes and livelihoods elsewher…

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