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Chalk Talk at Hollins University

It's been a crazy and busy week, as usual when I get to Hollins! I've been having difficulties with some of my tech this week - making the trip back and forth overseas and such, so I don't have a lot of images to share. But this image was taken by our talented student, Monica Archuleta, right before I gave a Chalk Talk about the making of Crow Not Crow.      The tradition of chalk talks has a long history. Of course, they usually involve actual chalk, a chalkboard, and such. Creators (usually scientists) talk through their processes and thinking. Of course, all my supplies and original art is on another continent right now, so this one was a slideshow.
     I shared my sketches, bird studies, color scripts, style studies, paper studies, and final art. The questions were specific and observant, such as questions about resolution, file size, scanners, paper variations, etc. It's always fun talking to your peeps, to people who speak the same artistic language.

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