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Lisa Lowe Stauffer and Angelika Scudamore on TWO BY TWO

I love to help friends celebrate the release of their first books after seeing them work so hard to achieve publication! And that's exactly what I get to do today! Lisa Lowe Stauffer and I attended many a conference together over the years. Today, she and the illustrator of her new book, Angelika Scudamore talk to each other. Enjoy! Angelika: Lisa, how did TWO BY TWO come about?
Lisa: I have two ways to answer that, both of which played into this story. First, when I was little, I desperately wanted a pet monkey. Finally, all these years later, that childhood wish became two mischievous monkeys on the page.
      Secondly, here’s the more adult answer:
      It’s been a long journey to publication of my first book. I’d been writing middle-grade novels for many years, without sales success, when I attended a poetry retreat led by the fabulous children’s poet Rebecca Kai Dotlich.
      I was certain I had no talent for poetry, after all, my background was in no-nonsense journalism …

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