e-bike adventures!

I recently shared that I got an e-bike. I wanted it to be able to pop downtown and to our various farmers markets without having to deal with the hassle (and expense!) of parking when everything is so close to where I live (alhtough just a tad too far to walk). I wasn't really sure if I'd use it all that much, so it's been wonderful to discover that I use my e-bike all the time and I love it so much!!! As such, I will have to share a new series based on my e-bike adventures, the friends I go on rides with, and the cool things we see!!! So, here we go!
     Here is a photo of "Marvin" on one of my first outings to a coffee shop in Wasena. Isn't Marvin pretty!?
This was right before they began construction for a new bridge, which is pretty amazing to see.
Parts of the Greenway are blocked off because of the construction, but a new route loops you through local neighborhoods for that stretch. Meanwhile, the Greenway still has it's magic, like this bona-fide fairy circle!
One Saturday, I headed to the Grandin Farmers Market...

and saw nice things...

and bought some lunch...
On another outing, I spotted two Yellow-Crowned Night Herons. They put on quite the show for me!
On anohter ride, I met up with friends at Black Dog Salvage.
We went all the way to the eastern end of the Greenway - what a treasure this path is - it runs the length of the Roanoke River as it meanders through downtown Roanoke. SO PRETTY!!! (Here's Meighan pointing out where we are and trying to figure out where we're going.)
Oh! And I also took Marvin to a festival downtown, where I listened to free music and had an empanada from a food truck.
SEE!? See how much fun I'm having with my e-bike!? In fact, I have to stop typing because I'm going riding with some friends today. Need to get ready... :)

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