Fringe 2017!

I made it back to Edinburgh - slowly. My flight out of Charlotte was delayed, which made me miss my connection to Edinburgh. So I was rerouted through Heathrow. But to be honest, I didn't really mind because I was so into the book I was reading - Draw The Line by Laurent Linn. I REALLY enjoyed it!
I did finally make it home, with this lovely reminder...
Well, I hasted back, but my luggage didn't. It followed me home two days later. But it did make it, so no complaints from me!
     And I made it home just in time for FRINGE! I'm still jet-lagged, so we're not doing the whole hog just yet. Mostly, just dipping our toes in. We walked into the thick of the crowds and slowly meandered east down the Royal Mile. Remember when I told you about The Pitt? Well, the same guy who puts that together, arranged an "Edinburgh Cocktail Festival" just off the beaten track. It's in a spot that if you don't know to look, you'd never know it was there. Good for us and what a find!
The mood was completely chill and the crowd size was just right. The small band (a two-man-team) played their own wonderful versions of covers—they were really good. Our fave, Dave Be Mac has the evening gig, although we'll probably be asleep by then.
I drew while we enjoyed tropical cocktails with umbrellas, crab fritters and a chicken burger for Stan from one of the excellent food vendors.
I don't usually draw from life like this, but JD Donnelly gave me this gorgeous hand-bound book this summer, so I'm making a point of using it.!
     The weather, while improving, is still a bit unpredictable, so our walk up the Royal Mile turned into tea in the Scottish Storytelling Centre as we dodged the rain drops, followed by a meandering walk home (sunny again). It was just the pace I was in the mood for and I can't wait to show visiting friends our Fringe find! It's also lovely to be able to return back to the flat, which is about one block away from Fringe craziness. Ahhhh, home!


Jane Yolen said...

Can't wait to see you. . .


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You too! We're so looking forward to your visit! Hugs, hugs, :) e