Last Gatherings...

I graduated in May. The MFAs graduated this August. And many of my University of Edinburgh College of Art friends are scattering to the winds. But before we split up, we've been getting together again and again to say goodbye and enjoy every last bit of camaraderie that we can. Two gatherings in particular stand out. The first was at Akva, a Scandinavian restaurant in Fountainbridge. It was such a lovely night, Stan and I decided to walk there. We took my old path down lovely Rose Street.
It was still in the thick of Fringe, so musicians were stationed every 100 yards or so - I'm not exaggerating.
A lovely gathering of friends awaited us.
It was so good to see everybody, I didn't even think to take pictures. This one was taken after we'd already left - PAH! (Anybody know who's behind the camera?)
     Two of our friends, Boris and his wife Vicky, came to stay with us for a few days as they need to return to Taiwan for a month to renew their VISAs. Happily, Boris and LiangLiang were successful in their bid for an entrepreneurial VISA and will spend the next two years in Edinburgh working to make their Children's Literature magazine a success!
     It seemed like the perfect opportunity for our MFA group to gather one last time.
Indeed, it will be the last time for most. Antti and Karin are off to Helsinki soon to start their new life together. (They are sitting on either side of me.) Boris and Vicky are off to Taiwan. Nadee is off to Thailand for good. I hope we can visit her someday. LiangLiang will be back after a month in Thailand. And (not pictured) Catherine is off to Chile soon - I hope we can visit her too. Truly, I have friends all over this tiny marble now. Thank goodness for Facebook, we can stay in touch. Although, it will never be the same.
     It was a strange feeling walking home from Akva. We'd had such a good time hanging out with everybody. The castle was bathed in blue and Rose Street was so quiet on the way home.
In fact, that's what it feels like I'm entering, a time of quiet. I'll miss everybody so much! Happily, Pilar (on the left up top) is now Artist in Residence at Edinburgh and is promising to arrange a regular salon for those of us still remaining. I'll look forward to that! And will share, of course...

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