So, the next stage of this adventure requires a new visa. This time we get to apply from within the UK - in Glasgow to be exact. So, we took the train over for the day, starting at Waverly Station, which is a ten minute walk from the flat.
It's a lovely, 45-minute train trip to get to the heart of Glasgow.

On the walk to the uni, we pass some awesome printer shops (you know I love that!), and this fun statue in tribute to legendary cartoonist, Bud Neill.

We also crossed over the River Kelvin.
And we passed a lonesome glove that hasn't been claimed in a very long time. (I still take photos of these - I post them on my Instagram page.)

     The meeting was at the University of Glasgow.
Did you know that UoG is even older than the University of Edinburgh? According to Wikipedia, "The University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland's four ancient universities. It was founded in 1451." (University of Edinburgh dates back to 1582 and is the 6th oldest.)
Many of the uni offices are housed along a street called "University Gardens"...
which is aptly named.

What a lovely place to work each day!

Note: Thank you for the lovely emails and inquiries as to what I'm up to now. It's nice to know you guys are out there following along and sending support! That said, you'll just have to keep following to find out what happens next!

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