My New Studio!

I'm back in Scotland with a book to illustrate but no real formal studio space to do it in! So, I've claimed a corner of the bedroom...
This will be my creative home for the foreseeable future. What makes it my studio are items that have been with me for a very long time. For instance, my Marvin Martian pencil holder, my dog-head tea coaster, and the artwork by Liz Conrad that hangs over my desk. I even have a tackle box that holds supplies from my undergrad, oh, so long ago. I need to be able to access the items behind the desk, which is why it's on an angle. And yes, as you can see, I need some bookshelves. Hmmm. Anybody in Edinburgh got one to spare?
Meanwhile, to mark this incredible chapter of my life, I got some tattoos...

Just kidding! These are body paintings done by Kassy (the thistles) and Kary Lynn Keppol (the crow), two of our students at Hollins. I scar easily, so can't get real tattoos, but I like the thistle so much, I may continue to paint it on myself. Weird? Who cares!


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