MA Show!

Friday was the opening of the MA Show - hosted by the wonderful gang of students I was lucky enough to work alongside over two (of their three) semesters. The show was held in a new (to us) venue in the College of Art. And it was a hit!
Even the Lord Mayor of Edinburgh was there! (Here he is with Pilar, who's artwork made the banner for the entire show!)
The space let everybody be truly creative with their spaces - like Yifei's.
Harriet (from New Orleans) created an entire room scene, in which she created everything from the wallpaper, to the ceramics, to the artwork. In her world, arthropods are pets.
Ruth displayed the book that inspired her illustrations.
Katie shared a picture book that she spent all summer illustrating, and her author was proudly by her side.
The book was adorable and gave me absolute happy chill bumps!
It took ages to sift through the crowd to simply glimpse at everybody's work - I'll have to go back for a closer, longer look this week. Meanwhile, Hannah blew us all away with her cut paper skills.
Seriously - this is all cut/sculpted paper.
Yixiao showed her love of cats.
I think this was Sophie's work...
Truly, the show was amazing - CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! It was such a popular show, it got very hot up there, which turned us towards open windows with this view.
That would be the Castle Mound with the seating for the Royal Tattoo. Not bad. Not bad at all!

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