The Tour de France

Off topic from children's books, but a big part of my life right now. The TV is relegated to the tour for the month of July every year because my hubbie is a former cyclist and loves to follow the Tour de France, or Tour day France as Bob Roll likes to say. Anyhow, hubbie found this great panoramic shot of the cyclists today: Click and scroll around for a 360° view.

July 30th: Have to add a foot note to this. 1 - I also love the Tour because I am a complete Francophile and love everything French. (I was an exchange student long, long ago.) 2 - The wonderful creator of this photograph emailed me thanks for posting the link. All of his work is truly amazing - he says he trains flies to take the photos. I believe it. Scroll around. I can't figure out how he took most of these beautiful images:

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