Illustration Friday, Theme: Simple

     I don't get to do things like this enough. I love creating simple line-art images. I either do them with pen and ink, or the variable pen tool in Adobe Illustrator.
     I learned the importance of line quality while working at Buster Brown Apparel. I worked on the Peanuts line and got to draw Charlie Brown and Snoopy for several years. Charles Schulz had a degenerative disorder that made his hand shake. Bad for him, but great for his art. Duplicating his line quality was amazing. We'd draw two wiggly lines close together and fill them in. Thicks and thins varying throughout were very important.
     It's now one of the first things I teach in my beginning drawing classes - how much information you can share just with a simple line.
     So here is my simple drawing of a cow. Bonus this week - if you click below, you can download a pdf to color. Bessie needs spots!
     Click: COW.

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