Kick-off Book Tour for GLITTER GIRL!

     What a fabulous weekend and a wonderfully successful kick-off book signing for GLITTER GIRL AND THE CRAZY CHEESE at Page and Palette in Fairhope, Alabama! Saturday was a whirlwind of smiles and glitter. We sold all one hundred of the books in stock. I even sold the two personal copies I brought to help with demand - amazing!
     Frank Hollon's MIL made glitter cheese sandwiches for the event which were a huge hit, everybody had glitter on them by the end of the day. I hope to post the recipe to my downloads page soon.
     The room filled twice (standing room only each time), so I did two readings. Frank was kind enough to let me read, which I positively LOVE to do (I'm a bit of a ham).
Here are some pics:
Filling up and discussing last minute details:

Starting to get crowded - the table with the sandwiches was hard to get to . . .

Mary Grace (co-author) helped show the book as I read. I wish you could see the crowd from my vantage point - it was so fun. I loved seeing the silly grins on the adult faces as well as the kids. Future book signings have a lot to live up to after this great day!

Here we are after the first reading - I drew a picture of Glitter Girl and Pearl as a demonstration.

And here we are, Me, Frank (author), Mary Grace (co-author) holding the sandwiches, and Lilly (the namesake of the main character - she's even wearing the same flip-flops!):

     It's going to take days to wipe off the perma-grins from this day! Thanks to Page and Palette for a fantabulous affair!

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