Glitter Girl at Barnes & Noble!!

     I'm so excited! This is almost as big as when my book was first published. For those who don't follow the children's book industry, there are so many hurdles it's ridiculous. Getting published is the biggest hurdle, of course. After that is the crazy adventure of distribution. While independent book stores (like my favorite, A Little Shop of Stories) are often big supporters of local author/illustrators, it's the big chains that can literally make or break a book. Unlike what you may think, they don't carry everything that gets published, far from it. They have buyers who choose books for their stores or regions who pretty much dictate what will be a successful book. So, to have your book carried by a major chain is a HUGE, BIG deal!
     You can imagine how happy I was to discover that "Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese" was prominently featured at a local Barnes & Noble (Perimeter Mall, Atlanta). Stan and I went up for lunch, and sure enough, there it was, on their main display wall! I spoke with the CRM (community relations manager) who asked me to sign all their copies and add "signed copy" stickers to the covers. We are scheduling a book signing for this Fall during a storytime event. Keep an eye out for my newsletter for more information!
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