02 November 2006

"A Bird On Water Street" is outta here!

I sent my first novel to my agent today and I have the strangest emotions going on. I'm relieved, nervous, scared. I feel about 50 pounds lighter. I mean, this thing has been with me for four years. It was born as a picture book and demanded to be longer. Turned into a chapter book and got some really good feedback, but again the word was "make it longer." So, it turned into a novel. A real novel. Who knew I could do that? I bled all over the paper - there wasn't another thing I could have done for it. It's as good as I felt it could be. And now it's out there - my little baby - to be slashed and edited and rejected and god knows what else. I'm just raw. I'm one big open wound waiting for either a band-aid or salt. Could go either way. And yet, I'm excited, really, really excited. Like I said, strange emotions today.



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