Illustration Friday: Phoenix

     Well, this was a tricky one! I didn't have anything in my archives that would work, and hey, it's the weekend, so here we go.
     So, why does a Phoenix have to be a bird? Okay, despite the actual definition of a "Phoenix" - pah! I can think of a lot of things something might want to rise out of other than just fire (boring!) I mean, what about a pig from . . . well, you get the idea.
     But Hubbie complained, "A phoenix has to be a bird." Pooey. So, I thought, what if a baby phoenix could be born from a match? Really, really tiny and quick. And here's where art can be lacking - I need a sound effect. Can't you just hear this little guy? "Eeep!"
     Actually, I was reminded how much I love finally knowing what my medium is (digital) because I drew these (pencil) while watching tv last night, then pulled out my old coloring pencils to get 'em going (and still be a couch potato). And? Well, I hated them - hated them! So into the computer they went this morning - ahhhhhh. Much better.

     Note: I just went through the IF posts, and Matt Phelan did a "Match Phoenix" too. What can I say - bright minds think alike (get it? bright minds?) - LOL! I'ts very cute - check it out!

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