15 January 2007

The Oracle@WiFi

     I had lunch with a friend the other day, and a friend of hers, Beth Lilly, joined us. Beth is a photographer and is the creator of what verges on performance art, "The Oracle@WiFi."
     Every Sunday, peole call her cell-phone and say "I have a question." (They don't tell her what it is.) She then takes three photographs and emails them to you. After she's sent you the last one, you send her your question. (It's funny how similar so many of the questions are.)
     Simple, right? Well, what is freaky weird is how often the images answer the question, I mean REALLY answer the question.
     I called last Sunday and you can can see my result above. We agreed that this was a very good reading. The three cups translate to all kinds of positive things (she sometimes refers to Tarot card information for the meaning of symbols), such as exuberance, friendship, cups to be filled with largesse. The second image I took as "I'm being watched" (in a good way), but it could also mean that I need to be vigilant pertaining to business, protecting my interests. The third image is just so obvious it's funny - the classic "climbing the career ladder."
     All in all, I concluded I am on the right path, and need to keep doing what I'm doing, which is: work hard, stay productive, keep networking, and enjoy the ride.
     Is there anything to this? Any cosmic truth that comes through the Oracle? I don't know, but it sure is fun, and what a great idea. Look through the history of readings - they're a trip!



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