The Big 4-0

     I don't feel any different. I haven't sprouted scales or turned a grotesque shade of peuce. Hubbie gave me a pretty necklace this morning. And I've asked the Oracle @ WiFi a question which received (what I translate to be) a favorable response.
     Hm, maybe I'll survive this.
     Y'know, I've been awfully reflective this past week. I suppose the big 4-0 will do that to you. (Driving said hubbie crazy in the mean time.) I even wrote an essay which I won't bore you with.
     Bottom line is, I did a pretty darn good job of living out loud during the first forty years. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I pull off in the next forty.
     Click the cake to help me celebrate. Once again, if you color it, I'll post it!

     And here come the cakes! This one was sent in by Casey Girard - thanks Casey!

Here's another cake by illustrator, Laura Zarrin, and her 6-year-old son, Josh. So cute!

and here's a lovely ditty by Neil Ornstein. It says, "He dreamed of heaps of schlag. Of the satisfaction of every human desire." - Thanks Neil!

Yet another cake has come in - this one by Martha White. Thanks Martha!

And one from Antje from Germany!

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