Post conference Play Day

     Hubbie and I hadn't had a vacation in a looooong time, so we tacked an extra day onto the end of LA, rented a convertible and headed up the coast. Cousin Bruce recommended we find Paradise Cove, and I'm so glad we did!!
     This was the view as we pulled in:

     And our view as we ate lunch:

     See that seagull? After this picture, he jumped on a tray of food and tried to steal french fries. They had the place SCOPED OUT!! We saw a school (?) of seals go by too - jumping just like dolphins . . . very short, brown, fuzzy dolphins. And yup, there's no floor. We had our toes in the sand while we ate. Ahhhh, heaven.
     Later, I laid out on the beach behind Stan to soak up some rays. Turns out we got more sun from the top being down - gotta watch out for that in California it seems. Oops.
     There was the cutest group of preschoolers nearby at daycamp. Their counselor had to be a comedian. He had them trained. Whenever he said, "Thank you, thank you very much," they all responded, "Elvis has left the building!"

     After an awesome lunch we headed farther north, then cut inland where we saw vastly different terrain. We even came across the Rock Store, which Stan claims is a very famous motorcyle stop.

     After our fun bimble, we headed back to the hotel for showers and dinner at a great seafood restaurant. Afterwards we pretty much face-planted into bed. What a great day.

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