Good news - Oscar the Badger!

     I signed the contracts yesterday - "Oscar the Badger" is a go! Written by Karin Slaughter (yes, that Karin Slaughter), it will be published by MacAdam Cage Publishers (publisher of my picture book, Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese), and should come out in Fall of 2008 - wippee!!!
     So Hubbie and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate, and I ordered a salad for dinner... but then I had two glasses of wine which made me throw all caution to the wind so we ordered the bread pudding. And then our lovely waiter, who knew we were celebrating, brought us two glasses of champagne!
     Oh yeah, we did it up RIGHT! And oh yeah, I'm paying for it today...
     But y'know, you've got to celebrate when you jump the hurdles in this business. So often we have our sites set so far ahead, it's easy to forget to acknowledge the hurdles we have jumped that we once thought we never would.
     Cynthia Leitich Smith said it well in an interview at Through the Tollbooth:
"I have found that it helps to celebrate every victory no matter how small.
You finished your draft? Celebrate!
You received a personal rejection letter? Celebrate!
Your workshop leader says your story arc is stronger?
An agent asks for the whole manuscript?
You’ve sold your first book? Your fiftieth?
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!"
Allow yourself to be happy! Be your own best cheerleader!
     So yeah, I'm celebratin' baby! And I'll let you know more about Oscar soon. In the mean time - Woohooooo!!!

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