The Georgia, Tennessee Line

     There's a debate going on in Georgia right now. Y'all may have heard we're suffering from quite the drought. It's bad enough that they almost didn't let people fill their pools this summer - but threats of riot and a few thunderstorms later, they backed off that idea.
     So, another idea is to go back to the 1818 survey of the state when the map makers flubbed up and drew the Georgia line just short of the natural border of the Tennessee River - water we could sorely use today.
     But this would affect a town near and dear to my heart - two towns really, McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. Along with living nearby for four years and enjoying the quirks of living on a state line, this is the home of my first novel (and my second work in progress). In fact, my protagonist and his best friend do exactly what so many visitors have done - straddle the state line with a foot in each state. I've done it too.
     Anyhow, there's a cute video accompanying this AP news story. Have a looksie (click the image).

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