Magazine Merit Award Winner!

     OMG!!! squeeeeee
     I just received an email from Stephen Mooser, President of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators ( . . . I am the "2008 recipient of the Magazine Merit Award for Illustration for my cover art for the December 2008 Highlights Magazine"!!!
     I'm thrilled!!! Especially considering there is nothing like receiving acknowledgment from your peers - so I have been trying to win an award from SCBWI for Years now and was convinced my window of opportunity had finally closed. AND considering this particular piece of art completely kicked my . . . bum! It was so hard to pull off, with so many changes, I truly doubted I had any skill at all by the time it went out the door. That one drew blood.
     So imagine my complete surprise to receive this honor! I am thrilled beyond belief!!
     Will you squeeeee with me (in my comments section)?

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