2009 SCBWI Southern Breeze Illustrators' Gallery Show

     Our 2nd Annual SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) Southern Breeze Children's Book Illustrators' Gallery Show came together beautifully. We had six illustrators participating: Me, Liz Conrad, Ami Blackford, Daniel Powers, Laura Knorr, and Mark Braught.
     This year we employed our new grid system which allowed us to move the show to the main floor of Little Shop of Stories and meant Liz and I didn't have to do any math - yeah! It also provided us with shelves on which to place the corresponding books with each piece of art (still low enough for reaching hands).
     Opening night was Friday during the Decatur Arts Festival's ArtWalk, and despite a light rain, there was a good crowd throughout the evening. We sold books - here's Ami signing for a young fan. I drew some cows. We ate cheese and hummus, drank wine, and got to hang out with our buds.
     Donna Bowman, our Southern Breeze co-regional advisor made wonderful signs to go with each piece, as well as signs explaining what the show was about. She also made sweet things for the illustrators - a name-tag, signing pen, and chocolate bar. Thanks Donna! (She's behind the camera in all these pictures.)
     Daniel wasn't able to join us (he lives in Savannah) but everybody else came by. Here's Me, Liz and Ami:

and Laura and Mark:

and Liz with some of the books that went with the artwork:

     Big fuzzy thanks go out to Diane Capriola and Dave Shallengberger and the staff of Little Shop of Stories as well as Mark Little. Their continued support of our local talent has been an enormous asset to our region. Thanks again to Donna and Southern Breeze. And thanks as well to Decatur, Georgia for giving us the perfect event to tie in with during our annual show!

Update! More pictures!!...
Here's Mark and Little Shop store manager (and author of PURE), Terra McVoy. (You can also see Justin in the background there. He's the 'go to' guy for graphic novels!)

Here's me drawing a cow for a rapt audience:

Laura and me near her art:

and Me and Liz between our art:

And finally one of Donna in front of the camera!


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