Guess this week's coloring page and win a duckie!

Did you know I have a Coloring Page Tuesday facebook gallery page? Yup. Over there, you can share the creations you make using my coloring pages under photos. You can also join in the guessing each week. If you can figure out what my next coloring page will be, you win a rubber duckie! This week's guessing is NOW OPEN so I hope you'll go play!
There is a hint in one of this week's blog posts...


Joan V said…
A unicorn?
Nope - keep guessing!
Joanna said…
A baby chick? I just listened to
Little Red Riding Hood - really
good!! Thanks for sharing that!
Mary-Carol said…
Bear reading a book?
Mary Carol - The image is live now - - so guessing has closed. We had a few close guesses but none spot on. We'll open again for guessing next week! :)

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