Coloring Page Tuesday - School Bus!

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     Time to go to school! Do you have a thing for big yellow school buses? I know I do!
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Thank you for this school bus. I sure am glad I don't have to get anyone up out the door for it anymore.
Sarah said…
thank you
kazzie said…
Cute bus. Thank you
Stephenie said…
my kids love to see the school bus! thank you!!
Judy said…
Thank you for this very timely image. Much appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Cute image.

txexperiment said…
Really cute image. Thanks for sharing!
Nice bus...especially now when Cars 2 is about to be shown, this is goin to be a popular download!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the friendly school bus
You're most welcome guys! By the way - does anybody still have that dream about missing the bus? I know I do! :) e
rosieb said…
thanx 4 great image

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