Giveaway!! GIBBUS MOONY WANTS TO BITE YOU by Leslie Muir

Today I celebrate the release of GIBBUS MOONY WANTS TO BITE YOU, by my friend Leslie Muir. After years of waiting, she has three books coming out all in the same year (!!!) including BARRY B WARY which we talked about back in May. I asked her about the latest...

Q. How did you come up with the idea for Gibbus Moony? I'm thinking somebody in your family had a biting issue?
A. Well, as is often the case for me, it all started with a name. Gibb's moniker popped into my head while I was staring at a gibbous moon one night. Boring, I know. But a name like Gibbus Moony seemed perfect for a wily little vampire boy. And yes, Gibb's character was also inspired by a very close family member. One of my sons was a biter at age two. He was a sweet, affectionate kid, but he'd get these big surges of energy and unfortunately tended to release that energy with his teeth! It was quite unnerving at times. I'd have to trail him during playdates because I never knew when he'd make his move and chomp a friend. Fortunately, my son grew out of the biting thing and his sweet nature carries on. Oh, the mysteries of toddlerhood!
     But truth be told, I never set out to teach any lessons with Gibb and his biting issues. Remembering that harrowing time with my son simply makes me laugh. So what's a writer to do?

Q. What was your path to publication for GIBBUS MOONY WANTS TO BITE YOU!?
A. I had recently signed with my wonderful agent, Anna Webman, at Curtis Brown, Ltd. She promptly sent GIBBUS MOONY to an editor at Atheneum who loved the story and offered me two-book deal! Good times.

Q. What was your reaction to the fun illustrations by Jen Corace (Little Pea, Little Hoot, and Little Oink)?
A. I immediately fell head-over-heels. I love that even though Gibb and his parents are vampires with fangs and widow's peaks, Jen managed to turn them into this sweet family unit. Grandpa Waxing Moony is the cutest in his little argyle sweater! As well, I think Jen captured Gibb perfectly. She gave him a boatload of pizazz, personality and kid-appeal. And the bright, vivid color palette she used is totally toothsome.

Q. Do you have some fun Halloween stuff going on to help celebrate Gibbus' debut?
A. Yes! As a matter of fact, I'm going to be reading GIBBUS MOONY WANTS TO BITE YOU! on October 30th (3:00 p.m.) at the stupendous independent bookstore, Little Shop of Stories, in Decatur, GA. The reading will take place right before a big Halloween parade and concert in the town square. Apparently there will be gobs of little people dressed in their Halloween best. So if anyone's in the area, throw on a costume and join us!

Thanks Leslie!!!
And yes - Leslie has kindly offered to sign a free copy of GIBBUS MOONY WANTS TO BITE YOU to be mailed to one of my lucky readers!!! As soon as we reach 20 comments below, I'll do a random drawing. Please remember to include a contact email address - continental US only.
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