Thanksgiving Coloring Page Ideas - help!

Okay guys, I've drawn a ton of turkeys for Coloring Page Tuesdays and I'm kind of over those. So, make me some suggestions for Thanksgiving coloring pages you'd like to see this year! Here's what I've done for you so far: Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages.


melinda beavers said...

FOOD! A fabulous Thanksgiving table spread -- laid out with lots of pies. ;)

CORN - the rainbow kind (some kernels already filled maybe?)… with some cute animal antics of course.

FAMILY! Maybe family cooking together?

Hope this helps! ;)

skivingtonso far said...

My very first thought was...pie! apple pie first!

Unknown said...

How about Indians and Pilgrims at a feast table with a pastor/preacher/minastor in period clothing reading from a bible.
A teacher with Thanksgiving terms written on a blackboard teaching Indian and Pilgrim children to read.
Squirrels gathering nuts.
Birds at a feeder feasting and hoarding food for winter?
A car with a family (children in back reading of course) crossing a bridge and maybe singing? (Over the river and through the woods.....) maybe Grandmas house in the bkg?

Unknown said...

Love the Indian corn idea melinda.

Ardilla said...

Pumpkin pie or apple pie...
A person eating a turkey's leg...
Squirrels (maybe with pilgrim hats on?) Or with pecana pie?