Great Mid-grade reads

I've been on a roll discovering great mid-grades to read lately, and must share.

     The first is A HERO FOR WONDLA. This is the second book in the Wondla series by Tony Diterlizzi. Gotta say, it's just getting better. I think I liked the second book even better than the first. There are aliens, overpowering governments, magic, robots... I can't think of a reason not to like this book!

     The second is by the author of ORIGAMI YODA, Tom Angleberger.
I thought Yoda was spot on as a mid-grade read - loved it. But HORTON HALFPOTT was even better! I wish I could crawl in his brain and see the world through Tom's eyes. He's obviously still eleven years old. And his books are perfect for the mid-grade readership!

     So if you have some younger readers in your world, here are two books I highly recommend!


Chuck Brown said...
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Anonymous said...

I LOVED Horton Halfpot! (Origmai Yoda was good, but I loved the style of Horton--)

And I've been meaning to reading Wondla--will add to my TBR list!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You'll love it! :) e