Talking About AI at Winthrop University

I recently spoke a the Movement(s) in a Dynamic World: Intersiciplinary Perspectives conference hosted at Winthrop University.

     I spoke on "AI-Assisted Illustration: This Changes Everything."
     I've been following the subject closely since Midjourney hit the scene last summer, putting together a slideshow on what I was learning. At the time, I had no idea where/when I was going to share my research; and then, happily, this conference opportunity arose.
     I was the program moderator for our panel with William Davis from UNC Charlotte and James Risk from the University of South Carolina. Will talked about a fascinating art project he'd been working on that involved film, photogrphy, illustrations, and music - all of which were excellent. James talked about the Fresnel lighthouse lens, which made an excellent bookend to my topic, showing how society's adoption of new technologies has changed over the last two hundred years.
     One of my students gave a talk on fantasy art in the panel after mine. I love supporting budding academics. And there was a vigorous discussion about fantasy and religion and mythology afterwards.
     The posters were also excellent.
     What a wonderful treat it is when top notch conferences take place in your own back yard!

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