Illustration Friday: Citrus - 100th IF Post!

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     Wow! Today I celebrate my 100th post on Illustration Friday! Don't believe me? Check out the IF Gallery I've put together.
     Ironically, with today's subject, I'm posting what I consider to be one of my first truly successful illustrations. I did this . . . about nine years ago, and it was probably the first piece I ever did that made me think, "hm, I might be able to play with the big dogs!" It was quite an accomplishment for me.
     Help me celebrate my 100th IF post! Download and color my birthday bear:

Thanks for all the great comments y'all! If you color 'em - I'll post 'em! This one is by "kinT."
You guys are so awesome. This second birthday bear is colored by "Cat."
The bears keep coming! This one is by Mark Korbieh - a friend from Spanish class!

And another bear! This one colored by Scott Cuzzo. :)
This is Dora Agius' pretty card creation:


Unknown said...

Hi Elizabeth, the teddy is so cute, I just made a card with him. Hope you like it. Hugs and thanks a million, I just love your creations xxx

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed him Dora - love the card!

mmwilken said...

thank you so much for the digits!! They are so very cute and will love using them on cards for OWH. You are so generous!!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Glad you enjoy them mm! :)

eba said...

I totally love your drawings, so cute and fun to colour! I've made cards with some of them, and now the birthdaybear. You can see it here:

Ms. Petersen said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have actually tried, repeatedly, to color this very image because I think it is perfect for OWH cards. But, I'm not an artist, and coloring is very difficult for me. If I have something to follow, like your instructions, I CAN do it. So, thanks again! It was just what I needed.

Geri said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Thank you for the wonderful images you share with us, they are so cute. I used this birthday bear to make this card:
I hope you are not disappointed by the result, as I am a beginner yet.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

It's sweet as the dickens Geri - thanks for sharing! :) e