Kick-off Summer Reading at River Eves Elementary!

     In April I had the pleasure of addressing a room full of readers dressed in grass skirts and hawaiian shirts. It was the "Kick-off Summer Reading" party for River Eves Elementary School hosted by my favorite Barnes & Noble in Alpharetta.
     The kids had a blast coloring, playing limbo, and helping me draw Glitter Girl. Can you see the two girls catching the pastel dust as it fell while I colored? It was like rainbow rain. How cute!
     I sold mucho books to kids who just looked like readers. What does a reader look like? Intelligent, interested, engaged. I'm telling you, it was a bright crowd.
     And once again, B&N Northpoint came through like champs. I've learned that it's not always about the store or even the chain, it's about the people. The north side of town is lucky to have the vibrant store they do. I've started to keep a short list of bookstores run by passionate children's book buyers. They always make my events such a joy.
     So, in the spirit of things, I hope you get lots of time to read this summer. What are some of your reading goals?

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