Coloring Page Tuesday - the Launch!

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     Okay kiddies, here we go! This is the first of the Coloring Page Tuesdays.
     Every Tuesday, I will offer a free coloring page for you to download and color. If you send it back to me (small .jpgs only please), I'll post 'em (or a reasonable number of them).
     So let's kick the tires and see how this baby rolls!
     Here is your first coloring page - a strawberry for the season.
     Click the image to download. (500k .jpg)
To see other available coloring pages, follow this LINK.

Here we go! Jasmin, age 4 (going on 5) is the first contributor to "Coloring Page Tuesdays!" Seeing as this is such a momentous occassion, here's a bit about Jasmin: She loves books, being at the library, storytellers, healthy foods, and learned to read at 4 years old and 2 month. She can't wait to start Kindergarten and has a very proud madre.
Thank you for coloring the first strawberry, Jasmin!

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Sonia said...

Hi Elizabeth
Again I made a card with one of your fabulous images... Thanks for always sharing this coloring page.
My card is here: