Coloring Page Tuesday! - Ready to Swim

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     Here's a coloring page to suit the weather. I hope you're near water!
     Click the image to open a .jpg to print and color. Send it back (small and low res) and I'll post it!
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Unknown said...

This teddy is so cute, I really love him and even the Spring one is a darling..... you wouldn't ... by any chance... have this another of this cute teddy for 'Fall' and 'Winter' as well, would you?

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Not right now - but I'll keep that in mind as I create future coloring pages. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

Hey, great, thanks a lot to you xxxx

Pantone Color said...

Aw, this is absolutely adorable. I'm going to print this out for my niece, so she can crayola the heck out of it.