76th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition, Honorable Mention!

Now this is what you wanna hear!! This letter just arrived in the mail today. It says:

Dear Elizabeth,

One of my most enjoyable tasks as editor of Writer's Digest is passing along good news to writers. This is one of those fun occasions. It is my pleasure to tell you that your manuscript, Queen Bea, has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Children's Fiction category of the 76th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. Enclosed is your Certificate of Achievement to honor your accomplishment. (It's purty.)

This year's contest attracted over 19,000 entries. Your success in the face of such formidable compteition speaks highly of your writing talent, and should be a source of great pride as you continue in your writing career.

I congratulate you again on your accomplishment, and wish you the best of luck in your future writing.

Maria Schneider, Editor
Writer's Digest

     Oh wow. Oh wow, oh wow. Yippee!! Wippee!!!
     This is the THIRD Honorable Mention this story has received. (One was from the SCBWI-Southern Breeze, and another from the Storydynamics- "Discovering Ease" story competition.) I am so, so incredibly thrilled! 19,000 entries!!! You think maybe, maybe, I got sumthin' here? Oh wow.
     So what do I frame? The certificate or the INCREDIBLE LETTER!!??
     (And yes you hungry publishers, it is still available! Call, let's talk - hehe.)

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