Right brain or left brain dominant?

     Okay - this is just plain cool. Go see if you are right brain or left brain dominant. (Click the image to go to the animation.) If the dancer is spinning clockwise, you are right brain dominant. If she's spinning counter-clockwise, you are left brain dominant.
     She spun clockwise for me and staring at her today, I couldn't get her to go counter-clockwise for nuttin' although several of my friends could. So, I took it as confirmation of what I've often suspected - my left brain is in atrophy.
     Thing is, I'm writing this blog on my right screen while the dancer is up on my left screen (I have dual monitors), and y'know what? With my peripheral vision, I can make her go counter-clockwise. That is just so freaking bizarre. What's it all mean?
     Anyhow, you gotta check it out.

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