Highlights Magazine!

     Ta-da! My first art for Highlights Magazine! I showed you the art I did for their new mag, High Five. Well, they both hired me about the same time and I just received my April copy of Highlights with my art which accompanies a very cute story by Heather Tomasello called "Egg Drop Soup." Check your mailboxes, it'll arrive soon!
     And more good news - Highlights has hired me to illustrate their December cover! I'm looking forward to that - woohoo!

     OMG, so with Paula's comment below, I go looking back through the new edition of Highlights to check for other illustrators I know, and gads - it's full of friends! Check out Paula Becker's art on page 38; Karen Lee's art on page 26 & 27; and Connie McLennan's art on page 5! I am surrounded by greatness. :)

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