Talk at SCAD Atlanta

     So, Monday I was a guest speaker at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design - Atlanta campus). I love talking to college students. They're about to hit the world running and they need real, practical advise on how to do it. Of that, I have plenty. Of course, I usually share way more information than they could ever possibly absorb in one sitting, but I include hand-outs for them to review later (including links to all my favorite online communities - so watch for them).
     The cool thing about SCAD is they are really pushing the international scope of children's illustration and becoming quite respected around the world. I told you about the Teatrio exhibit they hosted recently. Well, Julie Mueller Brown, illustration professor and my kind hostess on Monday, is incredibly knowledgeable about what's going on internationally and is very tied into the scene at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. She pulled out some samples that made my jaw drop and I wish I could take one of her classes just to let her expand my mind and broaden my horizons.
     (Look around at the 2007 Gallery of illustrations from Bologna to get an idea what I'm talking about.)
     So what I wonder, dear readers, is where do you see these types of cutting edge illustrations fitting in in the American children's publishing market? I can definitely see the inspiration in some illustrators' work, but what about the whole hog? Any thoughts?

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