Issues resolved and Share a Story!

     Well, if you've been checking in, you may have hit some snags at the last few days. Quick recap (and feel free to glaze through this if it sounds too techie), through problems with my blog (I suddenly couldn't post anything) I decided to try to change my hosting back to blogger rather than using the ftp I was doing through my hosting company.
     After much effort and a brief redirection (sorry for the inconvenience if you already updated your links) ... no go. My archives wouldn't transfer in full, along with all your wonderful comments. So, I've decided to forget all the nifty bells and whistles blogger offers and stick with my ftp arrangement.
     I did, however, end up having to rebuild my blog template from scratch. Ugh!

     Like the new look for Let me know! (If you follow me somewhere else, visit my main blog to see the new design.)

     So, after much pulling out of hair, everything finally seems to be back up and running, just in time for Share a Story - Shape a Future, which I will be hosting tomorrow! *whew*
     Have you been following? There's been some great information so far. Start at the Share a Story - Shape a Future website or refer to the schedule I posted Monday. And I look forward to seeing you here tomorrow when we talk about Technology and Reading - What the Future Holds.

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