Skype An Author Network

     So here's a cool new thing. Remember I told you about my first Virtual School Visit a while back? Well, I'm not the only one getting into these. If you scroll down in that post, you'll see I'm starting to list author friends who are doing this too.
     Well Library Media Specialist, Sarah Chauncey, and Author, Mona Kerby, took it one step further. They've started a gathering spot for authors who are available for Virtual School Visits using Skype. It's called the Skype an Author Network and you can see my listing here.
     How brilliant is this!?
     I must admit, I really love doing Virtual Visits. It's a cool new way to connect with kids (even the older ones who enjoy the techie aspect of the presentation), and I can charge a lot less since I can realistically do just one session without traveling - in other words, not much down time from writing and illustrating. The only thing I miss is the hugs. Hm.

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