Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

To rival the Duck Tape Prom Gowns, we now have Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses! The contest was hosted by and you have to go see. Some of the creations are really quite stunning.
     Although I'm not sure if wearing toilet paper on your wedding day would be a good omen or a bad one, hm.

Thanks to Barbara Vey of Beyond Her Book hosted by Publishers Weekly for the heads up...the head? I did not just say that.


Unknown said...

Now that's absolutely sooo creative! TFS, it's great fun to look at. Take care, Ira

Unknown said...

LOL, I can't help laughing at your last statement about good omen! The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh what a crappy wedding!!" I am so sorry as I sit here laughing! Very creative and amazing for it really looks like a wedding dress! HugZ.. Ps. thank you for the nice comments on Facebook!