19 June 2010

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

To rival the Duck Tape Prom Gowns, we now have Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses! The contest was hosted by cheap-chic-wedding.com and you have to go see. Some of the creations are really quite stunning.
     Although I'm not sure if wearing toilet paper on your wedding day would be a good omen or a bad one, hm.

Thanks to Barbara Vey of Beyond Her Book hosted by Publishers Weekly for the heads up...the head? I did not just say that.


Ira said...

Now that's absolutely sooo creative! TFS, it's great fun to look at. Take care, Ira

A Cards Delight said...

LOL, I can't help laughing at your last statement about good omen! The first thing that came to my mind was "Oh what a crappy wedding!!" I am so sorry as I sit here laughing! Very creative and amazing for it really looks like a wedding dress! HugZ.. Ps. thank you for the nice comments on Facebook!


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