Virtual Visit at Cataract Elementary

Y'all know I do Virtual Visits, right? Just did a fun visit yesterday with Cataract Elementary in Nigara Falls, NY. Ms. White has 22 awesome 1st graders and they asked some great questions.
     Our visit was an experiment using Skype and the classroom's Smart Board. (These things are SO changing our classrooms!) Ms. White and I hooked up on her laptop, she broadcast her screen to the smart board, and the camera on her laptop showed me the classroom and the fantastic bulletin board they decorated as a welcome!
     Supposedly there were some administrators in the room observing and they have whole-heartedly approved moving forward with more Virtual Visits. It's a great way for the kids to 'meet' an author and/or illustrator and we creators don't have to travel which makes this type of visit less expensive and more flexible. Gotta luv it! (Although I miss the hugs.)
     And there are lots of us creators who do Virtual Visits. Go to Skype an Author Network for a listing. And email me at elizabeth at dulemba dot com if you'd like to know about pricing or set up a date.
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