Arts in Schools Grants

Did you know that I do school visits? Yup. Most children's book authors and illustrators do. However, school budgets have lowered and teachers are busier than ever, so it doesn't happen nearly as often as it used to.
     Which is a shame, because I've seen remarkable things happen when children meet adults who were once just like them, wide eyed with wonder and possibilities, maybe from the same state or even the same town, who are now doing remarkable things with words and pictures.
     These days it takes a very dedicated librarian, media specialist or teacher to make a school visit happen. And when it's not just time, but you have to beg and borrow for the funds too? Well...
     Target is trying to make it easier. They are offering $2,000 grants to send creatives to your schools. (Between the honorarium, hotel, travel, etc. that's about what it costs.) Applications are accepted between March 1 and April 20th - so now's the time to apply!
     Thanks to SLJ for the heads up.
     Click here for more information about inviting me to speak at your school.

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