Luv Chicken

Here's my latest Luv Monster - really a Luv Chicken. He didn't turn out as well as Luv Monster #1 and Luv Monster #2. I used a velour fabric for his body. Loved the color (a gorgeous aqua/teal), but it wouldn't hold an edge fer nuthin'. Neither would the upholstery sample I used for his belly. Hm. So, back to felt and simple cottons for the next monster. Anybody know of a good resource for non-standard colors of felt fabric?


TOO cute! Love the slightly cross-eyed look.
Deebi27 said…
He may not be your dream, but he's pretty darn cute and for sure warm and cuddley!! Someone's gonna love him! You will see!
Joanna McDonald said…
How cute!! The pictures of the
other two are precious too. You
are one talented lady!
Thanks guys! I don't know why I like making these things - but they make me smile! :)
They make everyone else smile, too... and I'm speaking as a resident of "Chicken City" - really, we have a statue of a chicken just off the town square... :0!
Oh...what a cutie!!! ~jeni :)

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