Google's Search by Image

This is a pretty big idea for artists, and one more tool to protect ourselves from copyright infringement:


skivingtonso far said...

Greetings! I check your blog almost every day. But i have a question. How is this a tool to protect us from copyright infringement? doesn't this seem even more like an invitation to use whatever images pop up in google without concern to ownership?

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Janice, It takes an illustrator/artist being proactive. For instance, I use google alerts to tell me when my name is being used out in cyberland. Icerocket too. I also follow my stats and look for unusual URLs that I don't recognize. By staying attentive, I've caught and tracked down many copyright infringers. This will be another tool I'll use to make sure my images aren't being used where they're not supposed to be. More work for us, but better than losing all control, in my opinion. e

Mrs. Lazenby said...

Wow that is awesome! I love Google!!! :)

I wanted to say thank you for the book again, I received it the other day and can't wait to share it with my coworkers and students!